About Us

Dance Unlimited, founded in 1992, teaches the art of social dance to trotters of all ages and skill levels through various ballroom dancing techniques. Head instructor Dan Begin, a recipient of the prestigious Rising Star Theatre Arts Award, helps build self-confidence and awareness by focusing on the foundations or how to move, then imparting proper twirling techniques to swirling students and grave-carving participants.

We're looking forward to seeing you at one of our many dance classes or join us for a simple dance lessons.


To join the fun at Dance Unlimited,

call Dan today at (850) 433-3400.

Both solo artist and dancers with partners can enjoy dance lessons in various styles, including tango, cha-cha, rumba, Viennese waltz, quickstep, Latin and many more. Students can overcome dance-floor inhibitions with steamy salsa sessions or a dose of the mambo. 

You can also venture into the dancing domain of the fox trot, or explore the partner-slinging world of the east coast swing, the official dance of the 13 colonies.

Dance classes are available for wedding (first dance) couples to get the most out of their first dance of the rest of their lives.